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Сценарий 14 февраля 2015 1 класс
На сцене появляются ведущие праздника – юноша и девушка. Юноша протягивает девушке красивую валентинку и говорит:

Here’s a special valentine

With lots of love for you.

And since you’re very special

Here are hugs and kisses, too!

Ведущие поворачиваются к публике и приветствуют ее.

Девушка: Hello, friends! We’re happy to welcome you at our party today. Today we shall have the English party and have a talk about the Valentine's Day!

It has been said that we need just three things in life:

Something to do,

Something to look forward too

And someone to love.

Ученик 3 го класса: What kind of holiday is St. Valentine's Day?

Юноша: It’s a special day. It’s the day when people tell each other nice things, they give small presents to their beloved ones, and they speak and sing about love.

Девушка: St. Valentine's Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great Britain, in many European countries and in the USA.

Ученик 3 класса Oh Look at the screen ! How wonderful the little boys are !

Юноша: It is one of the early symbols of love Cupid, the Roman God of love, who is represented as a young boy with a bow and arrow.

Девушка There are some other symbols of Valentine’s Day

Hearts, Love birds and Doves , Rings , Red Rose

Дописать про валентинки (смотреть презентацию)

стихотворение “It’s Valentine’s Day”:

It’s Valentine’s Day. And in the street

There’s freezing rain, and slush, and sleet.

The wind is fierce. The skies are grey,

I don’t think I’ll go out today.

But here inside the weather’s warm,

There’s no trace of wind or storm.

And you just made the morning shine:

You said you’d be my Valentine.

Ученик 3 го класса:: Do you know why this day is called St. Valentine’s Day? Who was this Valentine?

Девушка: There are several stories about the origin of the day. Do you want to learn more about it? Here you are. According to one legend Valentine was a Christian priest in the Roman Empire 300 after the death of Jesus Christ.

Сценки из истории

Голос из-за занавеса:

When the Roman Emperor Claudius II needed soldiers for his army, he made a special law against marrying because he was sure that getting married made men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars. But at that time there lived a priest called Valentine. He couldn’t agree with the emperor’s decision. When he saw that young couples were truly in love, he married them secretly.

Scene 1

На сцене появляются юноша и девушка, одетые в одежды времен Римской империи.

Он: Oh, please! Marry us! We love each other truly! We can’t live without each other.

Она: I’ll die, if you don’t marry us. Please, please. Help us!

(они оба падают на колени)

Священник: I see how much you love each other. I will help you. My daughter! My son! I declare you husband and wife! Live long and be happy!

Вальс Вивальди

(врывается стража, они хватают священника)

Стражник 1: Priest, you have been discovered and condemned to death!

Стражник 2: How dare you break the law? To prison! To prison!

Он и она: Farewell, Father!

Scene 2

Священник в тюрьме.

Звучит грустная мелодия, исполняется медленный танец.

Входит тюремщик с дочерью.

Священник: What a beautiful girl!

Тюремщик: This is my daughter. She is so unhappy. She is blind. She will never enjoy the light of the sun! She will never see the blue sky! She will never see the trees! (рыдает)

Священник: I will help you. Come up to me, poor child! Don’t be afraid!

(через некоторое время дочь тюремщика показывает, что к ней вернулось зрение, она счастлива)

Девушка: You’ve worked a miracle! Thank you! You are so kind. Even here, in prison, you show your love for everyone. I’m so grateful to you! May I come to visit you every day?

Священник: Unfortunately, tomorrow, on February 14, I am to die. But I’m not scared and I want to tell everybody on earth, “I love you. I’m your Valentine”.

Голос из-за кулис: Just before his death, on February 14, Valentine sent the girl a farewell message which he signed ”From your Valentine”.

Юноша: Love is a strong feeling. Sometimes it makes us sacrifice something that we really like.

Девушка: But love is sometimes a sad story.

песня “My Bonnie”.

Танец 7а Кирилл

Девушка: This is a sad story, but it has a happy end. Love is a tender feeling!

На сцену вновь выходят ведущие

Юноша: Now I think everybody understands why this day is observed in many countries of the world. It’s a good time to show your love.

Девушка: Love to your mother, granny, to your sister or brother, to your relatives and friends.

Девушка: Great love doesn’t come at once. It’s necessary to understand it in a proper way and to be able to express this great feeling. First of all our mother helps to do this.

:Ученики 2 класса

Who said “Good night”

When I was a child?

My mother.

Who dresses my doll in clothes so gay

And showed me often how to play?

My mother.

Who run to help me when I fell

And who could funny stories tell?

My mother.

Who sits at my head

When I an in bed?

My mother.

Who is so nice, who is so kind

Another so dear you’ll never find?

My mother.

Песня о маме. A song about mother

Юноша We also love our father and there are some other relatives: sisters and brothers, grandmother and grandfather, aunts and uncles.

4класс: But not only relatives, friends also surround us.

Презентация . Пословицы о друзьях. Proverbs:

1. “Friends become known when there is trouble”. (Друзья познаются в беде)

2. “A friends in need is a friend indeed”. (Друг в беде – истинный друг)

Friends! Friends! Friends!

I have some friends I love!

We always have a lot of fun

From early morn to set of sun.

Friends! Friends! Friends!

I have some friends I love!


Friends care, friends share,

We need friends everywhere!

Make new friends but keep the old,

One is silver and the other gold.

Circle round that has no end

That's how long I want to be your friend.

A song “We are all together

Юноша: And once upon a time great love will come.

Стих"A song about love".

Love is a wonderful

thing though it’s sad.

Love makes you happy

And goes to your head.

Love keeps you lively

When others are down.

Love keeps you smiling

No trace of a known.

На сцене появляются ведущие

Юноша People not only from Great Britain and the USA celebrate St Valentines Day, people from Russia celebrate this holiday too,

Ученики 1 класса

Так понравился в России,

Этот праздник так удался,

Поразил любовной силой,

Вмиг прижился и остался!

1 Ой, девчонки, в феврале
Праздник намечается!
Мне влюбиться срочно надо,
Но не получается!

2 В Валентинов светлый день
Обниму Катюшку,
Слово нежное шепну,
Подарю игрушку!

3 Мама, мама не ругай
За мои отметки!
Нынче празднуют любовь
Взрослые и детки!

4 Подпишу я Валентинку,
Подарю Ванюшке,
Пусть о чувствах моих знает -
Это ж не игрушки!

5 Валентиночку-сердечко

Я Степану подпишу

И вручу и расцелую

И в обьятьях задушу

На сцене появляются ведущие. Девушка читает валентинку.

Ученик 3 класса: What are you reading?

Девушка: Oh, it’s a valentine card from a secret admirer.

Ученик 3 класса: A secret admirer? Who is it?

Девушка: Don’t you know? It’s a person who writes valentine cards to someone, but who wants to stay unknown. So he/she signs the card like this “a secret admirer” or “a mysterious friend”.

Ученик 3 класса: I see. Where do you take these cards?

Девушка: Why? In the mailbox, of course!

Учащиеся класса исполняют и инсценируют песню “Our Classroom Has a Mailbox”, после которой дети достают из почтового ящика валентинки и читаю их вслух:

Коробка, за ней купидон


Our classroom has a mailbox

That we painted red and gold.

We stuffed it with more Valentines

That it was made to hold.

When we opened it this morning,

I was nervous as could be.

I wondered if a single one

Had been addresse to me.

У 1 Look! There is a cupid in the mailbox and he brought a lot of valentine cards

Купидон Hello boys and girls! I am so glad to see you! I `ll give

valentine cards to everybody! Here they are!

1 The rose is red, the violet blue,

Lilies are fair and so are you!

2 Just a little note to say:

“Have a happy, happy Valentine’s Day!

3 If you will be my Valentine,

My charming little dear,

The sun can never help but shine

Throughout the coming year!

4 You’re just the nicest kind of girl

So very grown up, too.

No wonder that this Valentine

Brings lots of love for you!

На сцену вновь выходят ведущие.

Танец 3а

Песня Вероника

На сцене вновь ведущие

Девушка: Oh, such a beautiful English song! I think English is the most wonderful language. I love English so much! It’s great that English helped us speak about love today!

Юноша: We hope that you enjoyed our today’s performance. Thank you for your time. Be happy! We love you!

На сцену выходят участники концерта под музыку Beatles “Love” и прощаются
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